Sampling of news stories covering LPAR Press Conference today

Arkansas, State-Wide Arkansas News: The Tolbert Report: Arkansas Business: Arkansas Online: KATV Channel 7 Today’s THV

Video of R. Lee Wrights at LPAR Convention

The video in four parts below is R. Lee Wrights, Libertarian Party Presidential hopeful, speaking at the Libertarian Party of Arkansas 2011 State Convention. watch?v=yClEEPtz0_g&feature=related watch?v=Z-oCjob7lT8&feature=related watch?v=CM3H5Y6kDeQ&feature=related watch?v=kR4loAw9FC0&feature=related

War is not moral

This is a continuation of the LPAR bringing you blog posts by our upcoming speakers at our State Convention on April 9th. This was originally posted at Liberty for All. from Wrights 2012 staff “Some explanations of a crime are …

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