LPAR Press Conference at Arkansas Capitol

Today we held a press conference at the Arkansas Capitol Rotunda. Casey Copeland, Treasurer of the LPAR and Rodger Paxton, Chairman both made remarks to the media and the people in attendance. There were several news agencies there from print, video and wire news services. Paxton was also interviewed by some radio stations in Arkansas. The Associated Press news wire of the event was picked up by dozens of newspaper and internet news sources all over the state and the country, including MSNBC.com and The Arkansas Times with the headline “The Libertarians are coming.” We are compiling a list as we speak of these sources and plan to bring those to you as soon as possible.

Martha Adcock, the Secretary of State representative, said they believe they will have the petitions counted within 20 days. They will then turn the petitions over to a non-partisan audit company to review the process before letting us know the results. They have 30 days to certify the results, so we should hear something on or before June 17th.

I would like to thank everyone involved in helping the LPAR reach this goal. We are thrilled with the help and support we received through this process, and have already been getting calls and emails from people interested in being candidates under the Libertarian ticket.

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