Sampling of news stories covering LPAR Press Conference today

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Video of R. Lee Wrights at LPAR Convention

The video in four parts below is R. Lee Wrights, Libertarian Party Presidential hopeful, speaking at the Libertarian Party of Arkansas 2011 State Convention. watch?v=yClEEPtz0_g&feature=related watch?v=Z-oCjob7lT8&feature=related watch?v=CM3H5Y6kDeQ&feature=related watch?v=kR4loAw9FC0&feature=related

LPAR in the news

Since our convention nearly two weeks ago, the LPAR has been on the news website Arkansas Free Press three times. Thanks to Tracy Crain, Managing Editor and Publisher. The first article is on the convention and about our attempt at …

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Just Say Know!

The only election in Arkansas this month is the None Partisan ballot for Judges and other races without Party. Sadly most folks mistakenly tell the world I AM a Democrat and support THEM or I AM a Republican and support …

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Tactical Mistake

Tactical Mistake Just a couple of hours after sending my submitted letter to the editor arguing that the Libertarian Party represents a distinct alternative to the old, big-government parties, I received an announcement that the Arkansas Libertarian Party Executive Committee …

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Another Stupid Opinion

Disclaimer:  Nothing in this article should be considered as an endorsement of any candidate or is it meant influence the voters choice in an election. Furthermore the opinions expressed herein are those of an individual and may not reflect the …

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