LPAR Promotions Committee

A couple of months ago, the LPAR Executive Committee approved a motion to create a Promotions Committee that will be responsible for finding ways to promote the Libertarian Party of Arkansas through advertising, direct mail or other ways. As we move into the election season with Libertarian candidates on the ballot, it will be important for people to know who Libertarians are and what we stand for.

The Chairman of this committee was selected to be Dr. Thomas Carpenter of Hot Springs. If you are interested in joining this committee, you can email either Dr. Carpenter at fourth@lpar.org or Rodger Paxton at chair@lpar.org.

In discussing the possibility of this committee to various people, an LPAR member made an anonymous donation of $2000.00 to be used specifically by the Promotions Committee! This is an incredible start, but we certainly could use even more. Please consider giving to this special committee so we can spread the message of liberty to Arkansas! If you would like to give, go to the LPAR Donations Page. After you make a donation selection, please make sure you choose “LPAR Promotions Fund” under Fund Information so we know this money should be earmarked specifically for the promotions department.

Thank you all for your support of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas!

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