Do you want to help shape the State of Arkansas and the LPAR?

The Executive Committee last night authorized the creation of an Elections Committee. This committee is much needed and will have many responsibilities that have the potential to make big changes in the LPAR and in the State of Arkansas.

The main responsibilities of this committee will be to help find, coordinate and train candidates for the LPAR. This is hugely important, especially over then next 16 months until the November 2012 elections. This will potentially be the most important committee the LPAR has ever had.

This is your chance to help! If you have ever wanted to help the LPAR and never knew how you could, this is a perfect opportunity! This committee will need lots of people to help with all of the tasks, no matter what your qualifications or experiences are. Please consider helping out.

If interested, please email and we will contact you right away!

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