Looking for a Few Good Candidates (Actually, more than a few)

Thanks to our successful petition drive last summer, candidates of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas will be on the ballot in this November’s general election. We can nominate candidates for any partisan office around the state — Justice of the Peace, General Assembly, U.S. House of Representatives . . . they’re all up for election.

The LPAR welcomes applications from all prospective candidates
who offer to bring the Party’s message of
Maximum Freedom and Minimum Government
to the voters of Arkansas this November.

As a “new political party,” Arkansas election law specifies that the LPAR “shall nominate candidates by convention for the first general election after certification.” Therefore, we’ll be selecting all Libertarian candidates for the November election via State Convention—which will be held in Little Rock on April 14, 2012.

We ask all candidates seeking the Party’s nomination to fill out an Application Form as a way of introducing you and your candidacy to the Convention. If you’re interested in being considered for nomination, please complete and return the form to the LPAR Elections Committee* before the Convention date.

Application Fees: The Executive Committee of the LPAR has established the following application fees for candidates:

  • Local or County Office — $25;
  • State Office (Arkansas General Assembly) — $50;
  • Federal Office (U.S. House of Representatives) — $100.

Fees may be paid in advance or at the Convention, and will be designated to a special fund for the LPAR Promotions Committee to use during the campaign.

Download Application Form HERE

*Return completed form to: candidates@lpar.org, or by mail to: Elections Committee, Libertarian Party of Arkansas, P.O. Box 46730, Little Rock, AR 72214.

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