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LPAR 2014 Post-Convention Press Release

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas nominated 26 candidates, the largest number in its history, for the 2014 election ballot at its state convention, held this weekend in Little Rock.

Heading the state Libertarian ticket is Frank Gilbert, running for Governor of Arkansas. Gilbert currently serves as constable of Dekalb Township in Grant County, attending to the rural areas of northwest Grant County. Gilbert also served as mayor of Tull, Arkansas, for eight years, coroner of Grant County for two years, and is a former president of the Bauxite Education Association.

“I am excited by the opportunity, as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Governor, to carry the message that free men and women have an absolute right to conduct their lives in any way they choose, so long as they don’t infringe on the equal rights of others,” Gilbert said, “as well as our absolute responsibility to bear the result of our actions. The Libertarian Party is the only political entity that has that message for the voters of Arkansas. I believe it will be a refreshing change from the politics-as-usual of the old parties. I intend to campaign vigorously throughout the state.”

If the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor receives at least 3% of the vote, the party will be automatically certified to run candidates in the next election cycle, without having to petition for a spot on the ballot.

Libertarian candidates nominated for other statewide races are Nathan LaFrance, U.S. Senate; Christopher Olson, Lt. Governor; Jacob Holloway, Secretary of State; Brian Leach, Auditor; Chris Hayes, Treasurer; and Elvis D. Presley, Land Commissioner.

Libertarian candidates for US Congressional seats are Brian Willhite, 1st district; Debbie Standiford, 2nd district; Grant Brand, 3rd district; and Ken Hamilton, 4th district.

Candidates for Arkansas House include Wayne Willems, District 15; Marc Rosson, District 20; Greg Deckleman, District 31; Rodger Paxton, District 51; Taylor Watkins, District 80; Eddie Moser, District 95; Michael Kalagias, District 96.

Candidates nominated for other Arkansas races include Valerie Emmons, Pulaski Co. Justice of the Peace, District 2; William Brackeen, Pulaski Co. Justice of the Peace, District 13; Christian Parks, Lonoke Co. Justice of the Peace, Ward District 2; W. Whitfield Hyman, Springdale Constable; Jacob Faught, Gentry Constable; Glen Schwarz, Pulaski Co. Judge; and Shawn Hipskind, Saline County Judge.

The Libertarian Party is the third largest party in Arkansas. The Libertarian Party of Arkansas formally submitted more than 16,000 signatures to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office last October in order to run candidates on the 2014 ballot.

End the Fed Arkansas Rally – Little Rock!

End the Fed Arkansas Rally – Little Rock! RSVP HERE!

We invite everyone in Arkansas from every political and ideological persuasion to join with us to take back control of our monetary and banking systems. This is an issue that affects EVERYONE. A mini-audit was done from 2007 – 2010 that exposed Trillions of (taxpayer backed) Dollars being used to not only prop up the “Too Big to Fail” institutions in the US, but also Trillions in extremely low-interest loans being given to foreign institutions like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and Arab Banking Corp. We’ve also learned that sitting members of the Regional Boards of the Fed have given their own companies low interest loans, which can only be described as a supreme conflict of interest, and we’ve also seen well-connected individuals taking loans from the Fed personally. It seems like everyone is getting bailed out by the Federal Reserve while we are still dealing with economic hardships on Main St. THIS MUST END NOW!

We will gather in Little Rock for a walk to the Federal Reserve (where we will be making stops to spread our message to the general shopping public and disperse literature and mail-in petitions to US Senators). We will end with a rally at the Fed, to continue promoting the message to the public.

This event is being sponsored by End The Fed Arkansas and the Arkansas Libertarian Party.

Arkansas Elected Libertarians!

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas, in it’s first time at bat with full ballot access, elected a partisan Libertarian to office! Frank Gilbert, former mayor of Tull Arkansas and former chairman of the LPAR, made history yesterday by being elected Constable of Dekalb Township in Grant County! I know you all join me in congratulating Frank for being the first ever Libertarian elected to partisan office in Arkansas history!

Also, Casey Copeland, LPAR Treasurer, was re-elected to a second two-year term as Prarie Grove Alderman. Congratulations, Casey!

LPAR candidates received a grand total of 96,255 votes in the state. This is a phenomenal start and gives us an excellent benchmark going forward.

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November…

***All vote totals in this email are based on the current 8:00pm 11/7/2012 results from AR SoS. At that time there are only 88% of counties fully reporting and 12% partially reporting.***

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November

A Battle for Freedom hard fought.

I see no reason why all of our victories 

Should ever be forgot

Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray shattered Libertarian Presidential Candidate vote totals in Arkansas yesterday! With 15,977 votes and 1.52% of the vote, they outperformed all of the Libertarian Presidential candidates in Arkansas in the last 20 years combined (14,269 for the campaigns of Barr 2008, Badnarick 2004, Browne 2000, Browne 1996 and Marrou 1992 added together)!Johnson / Gray also managed to come in higher than any previous LP Presidential candidate, coming in ahead of the previous record holder, Ed Clark in 1980, by 7,007 votes and 0.46%.

Libertarians in Arkansas voted for Johnson / Gray 11,201 (1.08% ) more  than Bob Barr / Wayne Allyn Root in 2008 , more than tripling the vote total and percentage by those candidates! This major accomplishement was earned in only 4 years of hard work by many libertarians across the state, and is the largest 4-year increase in votes and percentages that the LPAR has ever seen in its history!

Another historic feat is that for the first time, Arkansas is in the top 10 of state Libertarian Party vote percentatages for President in the US. We came in number 10 of 50 states, beating LP Power House states such as Ohio, Texas, Indiana and California!

Nationally, with 97% of precincts reporting, Gary Johnson / Jim Gray with 1,139,562 votes broke the 32-year record of 921,128 by Ed Clark and David Koch in 1980.

My thoughts 10 years later

I still vividly remember being at work on 9/11/01 and watching the news feeds from my computer in my office as they replayed the planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers and thinking of the horror that must be going on within those structures. I, like most people across America, sat and felt utterly helpless as those towers fell to the ground. I was nearly reduced to tears thinking of the possible staggering loss of life and of the family’s of those affected by this attack. Ten years later I still have a feeling of great sympathy for those family’s and all the family’s since that have suffered through this deep grief as the nation went to war. It was, truly, one of those moments in the history of this country that we can all look back on and say, precisely, “This was the day it all changed.”

I consider myself an “amateur” historian so I rarely, if ever, look at anything as a singular instance. So as we mark the tenth anniversary of that day, we all need to reflect upon those tragic events, some of the reasons for the attacks and all that has transpired from that day to this. For nothing exists in an historical vacuum and this is usually where I end up being the “odd man out” of any discussion in such matters.

Recently, I’ve read several opinion pieces and letters to the editor which called these attacks “unprovoked”. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was our meddling in the affairs of the nations of the Middle East, it was our propping up of despots and then “throwing them under the bus” when they no longer served our needs, it was the fact Continue reading

LPAR Becomes an Official Political Party

For Immediate Release: Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is Official

(Little Rock, AR) The Libertarian Party of Arkansas (LPAR) is officially a recognized political party for the first time in history and will now be able to run candidates for office in 2012.

Last month the party submitted signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in order to fulfill the requirement of collecting at least 10,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the state. According to Martha Adcock at the Secretary of State’s office, more than 12,000 of the 16,000 submitted signatures were valid. This count was confirmed by an independent auditor.

The party placed presidential candidates on the ballot for more than 30 years but never met the more difficult requirement to run candidates for other offices. The LPAR’s success marks the first time in recent history that a third party has been able to run a partisan candidate for office in all 50 states for offices other than the president.

“This achievement is monumental for Arkansans who want more choice on their ballot,” said LPAR Chairman Rodger Paxton of Marion. “Now we won’t have to choose between big government and bigger government, but can vote for minimum government and maximum freedom.”

Libertarians advocate lower taxes, more personal freedom and less government intervention.

“In the voting booth, Arkansans will now be able to say that we want the government out of our pockets, out of Continue reading

Sampling of news stories covering LPAR Press Conference today

Arkansas, State-Wide

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KATV Channel 7

Today’s THV Continue reading

LPAR Press Conference at Arkansas Capitol

Today we held a press conference at the Arkansas Capitol Rotunda. Casey Copeland, Treasurer of the LPAR and Rodger Paxton, Chairman both made remarks to the media and the people in attendance. There were several news agencies there from print, video and wire news services. Paxton was also interviewed by some radio stations in Arkansas. The Associated Press news wire of the event was picked up by dozens of newspaper and internet news sources all over the state and the country, including and The Arkansas Times with the headline “The Libertarians are coming.” We are compiling a list as we speak of these sources and plan to bring those to you as soon as possible.

Martha Adcock, the Secretary of State representative, said they believe they will have the petitions counted within 20 days. They will then turn the petitions over to a non-partisan audit company to review the process before letting us know the results. They have 30 days to certify the results, so we should hear something on or before June 17th.

I would like to thank everyone involved in helping the LPAR reach this goal. We are thrilled with the help and support we received through this process, and have already been getting calls and emails from people interested in being candidates under the Libertarian ticket.

Press Conference Prepared Remarks by Rodger Paxton

Prepared remarks by Rodger Paxton, Chairman, Libertarian Party of Arkansas

Ballot Petition Signature Turn-In Press Conference, May 18th, 2011

Today is a historic day. Not only for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and not only for the State of Arkansas, but also for the nation as a whole.

Today marks a new stage for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. For the first time in history, we are nearing the end of the road to achieving ballot access, the holy grail of politics. Since the early 80’s, this has been a dream for Libertarians in Arkansas, and today it is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Arkansans have never been able to vote for a Libertarian candidate for any office other than President of the United States. Today, we are closer than ever to giving these disenfranchised voters that option. No longer will liberty-loving Arkansans be forced to choose between big government and bigger government, but they will soon have the option to vote for minimum government and maximum freedom.

Recent history has not seen a third party have non-Presidential candidates on the ballot in every state. Not since the 1920’s has a third party been able to say they Continue reading