Libertarian Party Endorses Ballot Initiatives

Libertarian Party of Arkansas Endorses Government Transparency Initiatives

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas has adopted a resolution of support for the Arkansas Government Disclosure Act and Amendment of 2024, a pair of citizen-initiated measures intended to both strengthen Arkansas’ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and to enshrine its principles in the Arkansas constitution.

The resolution, adopted at a meeting of the party’s Executive Committee on Saturday, noted that the measures aim to “enhance government transparency, provide increased access to information, and empower citizens to hold public officials accountable.”

The resolution’s sponsor, Caleb Bryan, argued that “the values expressed in these proposals are very much in line with promoting transparency and accountability in government, which is all consistent with our Libertarian principles.”  He added, “It’s important to put it out there that we do support and endorse this.”

Representatives of the Arkansas Citizens for Transparency Committee—a nonpartisan group spearheading the ballot-initiative effort—spoke at the Libertarian Party’s state convention in February. State party chair Michael Pakko noted “There was overwhelming support expressed by our membership and candidates. The adoption of this resolution is a clear expression of the will of the party, and we intend to do what we can to help.”

Link to the RESOLUTION.

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