Why I Left

Since joining the Libertarian Party, I have been asked numerous questions by friends, family, and strangers. Usually the first question is, “What the hell is a Libertarian?” My favorite one is, “Aren’t they the ones that want to legalize weed?” Both of these questions are great, and provide an outlet to answer why I am a libertarian, and more importantly why I am a member of the Libertarian Party.

To give you a little background information about myself, I have considered myself a libertarian since 2010. I was an avid Ron Paul supporter, and I would probably still be in the GOP, had he not been treated the way he was at the RNC convention. It was there I realized “you people” were not welcome in the party.

I was now politically homeless. After attending my state’s Libertarian Party convention a little over a year ago, I was sold. For once I was in a room where I was not a “Paulbot” or a “Paultard.” There was no way I could ever go back to the party of Santorum, McCain, and Huckabee.

After leaving the GOP, many people have told me that they agree with the Libertarian Party, but they just cannot “waste” their vote. I wish I could keep a file of everyone who said this to someone in the Libertarian Party (maybe I should contact the NSA?).  If everyone that said that actually voted for the Libertarian Party, I am convinced we would win.

So, to them I say this, “We may not win now, but every time we elect a Democrat or Republican, we all lose.” The Libertarian Party’s national Committee Chair Geoffrey Neale said it better, “I am not Libertarian because I want to win. This isn’t football. This is politics; this is life.”

So, today I urge you to take that first step. Join the Libertarian Party. Take a stand. I know it is not easy, especially if you have been actively involved in either of the two major parties, but there comes a time when you have to realize that just because your party might win, doesn’t mean you will.

Tyler Harrison
LPAR At-Large Representative
Campaign Manager – Frank Gilbert for Goverenor

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