LPAR Elects New Officers, Honors Award Recipients

LPAR Elects New Officers, Honors Award Recipients

At its annual State Convention on Saturday, April 8, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas elected new officers and Executive Committee delegates, and honored a number of its members with awards.

The new slate of officers and Executive Committee members is as follows:

  • Chair – Michael Pakko
  • Vice-chair – Christopher Olson
  • Secretary – Brooke Million
  • Treasurer – Stephen Wait
  • First District Rep. – Chris Lutterloh
  • Second District Rep. – Shane Knight
  • Third District Rep. – James “Woody” Woodall
  • Fourth District Rep. – James Michael Hood
  • At-Large Rep. – TJ Campbell


This year’s award recipients were

  • Standard Bearer of Liberty – Frank Gilbert
  • Chairman’s Award for Extraordinary Service – Stephen Wait
  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Garry Lynn Baker
  • Outreach Award – Michael Vaughn
  • Candidate of the Year Award – Mark West
  • Campaign Leadership Award – TJ Campbell


The LPAR thanks its officers and award recipients for their dedicated service to the cause of liberty.

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More about the LPAR Executive Committee:  https://lpar.org/about-the-lpar/leadership/

More about LPAR award recipients: https://lpar.org/about-the-lpar/lpar-awards/