LPAR Elects New Officers, Honors Award Recipients

At its annual State Convention on Saturday, April 8, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas elected new officers and Executive Committee delegates, and honored a number of its members with awards.

The new slate of officers and Executive Committee members is as follows:

  • Chair – Michael Pakko
  • Vice-chair – Christopher Olson
  • Secretary – Brooke Million
  • Treasurer – Stephen Wait
  • First District Rep. – Chris Lutterloh
  • Second District Rep. – Shane Knight
  • Third District Rep. – James “Woody” Woodall
  • Fourth District Rep. – James Michael Hood
  • At-Large Rep. – TJ Campbell


This year’s award recipients were

  • Standard Bearer of Liberty – Frank Gilbert
  • Chairman’s Award for Extraordinary Service – Stephen Wait
  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Garry Lynn Baker
  • Outreach Award – Michael Vaughn
  • Candidate of the Year Award – Mark West
  • Campaign Leadership Award – TJ Campbell


The LPAR thanks its officers and award recipients for their dedicated service to the cause of liberty.

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More about the LPAR Executive Committee:  https://lpar.org/about-the-lpar/leadership/

More about LPAR award recipients: https://lpar.org/about-the-lpar/lpar-awards/


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