A Memorial Day Message from the Libertarian Party of Arkansas

A Memorial Day Message from the Libertarian Party of Arkansas

On this Memorial Day, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas joins with all Arkansans in reverently remembering our nation’s fallen heroes, and grieving their loss. In a spirit of honor to their sacrifice, Libertarians seek a future in which our military men and women are no longer asked to risk their lives in ill‐advised foreign entanglements and military interventions around the world. We should bring our troops home where they can defend our nation, rather than dying in foreign wars.

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas asked some of its members who are veterans of the military to share their thoughts on this day of remembrance. Their comments are as follows:

Frank Gilbert

As our nation celebrates Memorial Day it is important to remember the sacrifices of those who served and extend to them a sincere Thank You; but I hope we don’t stop there. I believe we should think about how we have treated our military as they served and when they became veterans.

Since World War II our nation and our military have been involved in a series of bloody conflicts. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have suffered and died in those struggles, yet there was never a declaration of war. That has put those who serve in our military in a difficult situation. In Viet Nam, our enemies treated our combatants and especially the prisoners of war with shocking savagery. They did so, in part, because no state of war existed and they did not have to adhere to the Geneva Convention. Attacking a country you are not at war with is criminal.

Despite that, we have carried out military operations in Iraq, Syria, the Balkan nations and around the globe. Ultimately, I believe these actions make us less safe. Too much of the world views us as bullies.

It is time to bring our warriors home. It is time for Europe, Japan, Korea and other wealthy nations to pay for their own defense. It is time for America to become the “Shining city on the hill” that we have been and can be again

 Jacob Faught


When I joined the Army I learned what it meant to serve your country. The honor, integrity and discipline the Army taught me has helped me throughout my adulthood. It has also taught me the sacrifice that my brothers and sisters have made for this country. Something I am eternally grateful for. As Memorial Day approaches we, as a country, reflect on those sacrifices the men and women made to ensure freedom remains for the rest of us. It also reminds us that freedom is not free. That we must perservere in the face of tyranny and oppression. We must hold fast against those who would tear away those precious freedoms that we hold so close. 

One of the major reasons why I am a Libertarian is because of those sacrifices that my forfathers made to ensure we kept our unalienable rights. It is a fight that I will keep until my grave. 

Take time this Memorial Day and pay respects to those who have come before you and given the ultimate price for your freedom. Take it not for granted. God Bless America and keep her free.

 Michael Kalagias


 Two and a half centuries ago five thousand men died fighting against the world’s most powerful military so that the United States of America could be born. It became a beacon of liberty to nations everywhere and created the modern western civilization billions have enjoyed. We all owe a debt to those that sacrificed so much to make that happen. Especially those five thousand that gave all.

In the years since, millions have served this country in the military to pay back the debt to those original few. Some of our wars have been just; some not so much so. Many of those liberties won at such a high cost have been eroded away. But the call to duty has never gone unanswered. One million American servicemen have died serving during our various wars. They should be remembered. They gave all so others wouldn’t have to.

As the Memorial Day weekend ushers in the beginning of summer celebrations and revelry, let us not forget the meaning of the holiday. Let us pause to remember and give thanks to the million souls that gave their lives for us. Let us take just a moment to remember and value the sacrifices they made, so that we can fully understand the tremendous price that was and is still being paid.


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