Bylaws / Platform Committee

The LPAR Bylaws / Platform Committee is getting geared back up to make some needed changes to the Bylaws that will help us when we become an official political party in the eyes of the State of Arkansas. They will also be preparing an Arkansas-specific Platform to be voted on at the next convention. This is your chance to help the LPAR decide on what stances it wants to take in politics!

Casey Copeland was elected unanimously by the Executive Committee last night to continue on as the Chairman of the Bylaws and Platform Committee.  Along with him, Brian Leach, Dr. Michael Pakko and Dr. Thomas Carpenter will be helping with these important tasks.

We need your help! It is our desire to have people from all walks of libertarian life in Arkansas be a part of this committee! I think a good number to have as a ceiling for this committee is about 8 people, which means there are 4 more spots to fill. If you are interested in being a part of these processes and helping shape the platform for the LPAR, please contact Casey Copeland at

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