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Libertarian Party of Arkansas

What does it mean to be a Libertarian?

Our Vision

Ballot Access. Unless we have ballot access we are not considered a political party. We must achieve and maintain ballot access. Help us be more than just spectators.

Support and Elect LP Candidates. To achieve our goals of bringing True Liberty to Arkansans, we must support and elect LP candidates for office all over the state.

Fund Raising. Funds are always needed to support candidates and the LPAR in all of its efforts.

Build the LPAR Organization. More members and volunteers at the local level, as well as the state level, using their natural talents to progress liberty in Arkansas.



Victory for the AR Libertarians! Election by the numbers

After running an incredible campaign, educating hundreds of thousands of Arkansans about the libertarian philosophy and the LPAR, our esteemed […]

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A personal “thank you” from the LPAR Chair

While we wait on the last county to report it’s election totals, I wanted to take a moment of your […]

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Can Frank Win?

This is a question I have heard over and over since Frank Gilbert announced his candidacy last year. To be […]

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Meet your 2014 Arkansas Libertarian Candidates!

We have 26 partisan and 2 non-partisan candidates running for office all over the state. You can find out all you need to about them here.

2014 Candidates

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01.01 Arkansas Libertarian Party candidate and lifetime member of the LPAR, Bobby Tull...... Read more

01.01 Arkansas Libertarian Party candidate, Jacob Faught, being sworn in today as Bent...... Read more

12.20 Thank you to Senator John Cooper who pre-filed a bill "that would give Arkansans...... Read more

12.06 Thanks @QuoteStephanie, you're our 2200th follower!... Read more