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LPAR making history – again!

It’s an exciting time for the LPAR and we invite you to celebrate with us!

On October 15th, members of our Executive Committee will be heading to the Capitol to turn in 16,000+ signatures from our ballot access petition drive. We would love to have you join us on the Capitol steps at 10am for a press conference. Immediately following the press conference, you are welcome to continue on to the Secretary of State’s office for a front-row seat to the signature hand-over process.
For those of you who have recently joined us, or for those that need a refresher, here is why this is an incredibly important day:The state requires 10,000 signatures of registered voters here in Arkansas in order to grant us “New Political Party” status. Once we turn in those signatures, the Secretary of State has 30 days to verify that 10,000 of our 16,000 are valid. Upon verification, the LPAR will be a recognized political party in Arkansas and will therefore be able to run candidates in the 2014 elections.

If you can’t join us, but would like to help with our mission of spreading true liberty across Arkansas, click HERE for a list of ways you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th! Email if you are interested in running for office, setting up a county affiliate or want more information about upcoming events.

In liberty,

Jessic PaxtonLPAR Chair

2013 Convention Details!

We are excited to announce the 2013 LPAR State Convention to be held on April 27th at the Comfort Inn and Suites Downtown Little Rock (707 Interstate 30). This year, our convention will be in two parts: a business session and a social event. We invite you all to join us as we gear up for another exciting year!

Convention Tickets are available for $20 through April 20th by clicking HERE. Your ticket includes admission into both the Business Session and the Cocktail Caucus.


From 2:00-5:00pm we will convene for our business session that will include speakers, Executive Committee elections and District Caucuses. Reports will be given by our Secretary and Treasurer. Our keynote speaker will be Brett Bittner, elected Libertarian, Executive Director of the LPGA and the Chairman of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance. If you want to know “Why Libertarians Lose and How Libertarians Can Win,” then you won’t want to miss Mr. Bittner.

If you have been a member of the LPAR for one year (as of April 27th) then you are eligible to run for a position on our Executive Committee. Positions elected by the full membership are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and an At-Large Representative. First, Second, Third and Fourth District Representatives are elected by the members who reside in those particular Congressional Districts. If you don’t know which district you live in, click HERE.

Parking at the Comfort Inn is free of charge. Please arrive a few minutes early to receive your name tag and a packet of information. The ballroom is located in the area behind the front desk.


Paid attendees will also be invited to attend a social gathering immediately after the business session at the Cornerstone Pub and Grill (314 Main Street, North Little Rock) where a light “Pub Fare” buffet dinner will be available.  A cash bar will be offered in our private upstairs room and additional food may be purchased off the menu.

Limited street parking is available in front of Cornerstone but additional parking is available in a lot behind the building. Our group will be congregating in the upstairs area.


Per our bylaws, you must be a member of the LPAR by March 28th in order to have a vote at the State Convention. Click HERE to join the LPAR for as low as $10/year or to make a donation. If you are unsure of your current membership status, please email Rodger Paxton at for more information.

If you would like to extend your stay in Little Rock, we have a block of rooms available at the Comfort Inn and Suites. Convention attendees can enjoy a reduced rate ($85/night for a standard and $95 for a suite) that includes a complimentary hot breakfast, fitness center, business center and wireless internet. Call 501-687-7700 by April 12th to reserve your room at this reduced rate.

If you have an agenda item you would like to add to our business session, please see page 10 of the LPAR BYLAWS.

“Petition to place item on agenda
A petition signed by ten percent of the delegates attending any Convention shall be sufficient to automatically place any legitimate item of business on the agenda of the Convention for its consideration.”

Our light dinner at Cornerstone will include Cheese Dip & Salsa with Tri-Colored Corn Tortilla Chips, Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Warm Pita Bread, a Veggie Tray with House Made Ranch and Honey Mustard, Chicken Fingers with Ranch, Barbecue & Honey Barbecue Dipping Sauces as well as House Marinated Meatballs. If you have any dietary restrictions, please contact Jessica Paxton at or 901-488-7040 by April 12th.

As always, we look forward to seeing you there!

Note from the Chair

I agree completely with 1996 and 2000 LP Presidential Candidate Harry Brown, when he said today “It’s a great day to be a Libertarian!” It’s an even greater day to be a Libertarian in the great state of Arkansas, where we have made historic gains and elected libertarians!

I am immensely proud of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas today. I am proud of the dedication, hard-work and sacrifices made by our candidates and members. Yesterday was the culmination of two solid years of putting our hearts and souls into this party, and it showed in amazing ways.

I cannot begin to name each and every person who worked to make this possible, so I won’t even try. From candidates to campaign coordinators, from sign wavers to petitioners, from donors to organizers, and everywhere in between, you know who you are, and so do we. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled and honored to be associated with the LPAR and such great freedom fighters as we have.

Although our ultimate goal of receiving 3% for Gary Johnson to keep us on the ballot was not met, it does not diminish our huge gains. The LPAR is committed to continue this fight on every battleground imaginable. Whether in the courts, through our legislators or through the petitioning process, we have only begun to fight. And fight we will, because our country, our state and our liberties depend on it.

As N.D. Wilson said, “Sometimes standing against evil is more important than defeating it. The greatest heroes stand because it is right to do so, not because they believe they will walk away with their lives. Such selfless courage is a victory in itself.”

In Liberty,

Rodger Paxton

Chairman, LPAR

Arkansas Elected Libertarians!

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas, in it’s first time at bat with full ballot access, elected a partisan Libertarian to office! Frank Gilbert, former mayor of Tull Arkansas and former chairman of the LPAR, made history yesterday by being elected Constable of Dekalb Township in Grant County! I know you all join me in congratulating Frank for being the first ever Libertarian elected to partisan office in Arkansas history!

Also, Casey Copeland, LPAR Treasurer, was re-elected to a second two-year term as Prarie Grove Alderman. Congratulations, Casey!

LPAR candidates received a grand total of 96,255 votes in the state. This is a phenomenal start and gives us an excellent benchmark going forward.

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November…

***All vote totals in this email are based on the current 8:00pm 11/7/2012 results from AR SoS. At that time there are only 88% of counties fully reporting and 12% partially reporting.***

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November

A Battle for Freedom hard fought.

I see no reason why all of our victories 

Should ever be forgot

Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray shattered Libertarian Presidential Candidate vote totals in Arkansas yesterday! With 15,977 votes and 1.52% of the vote, they outperformed all of the Libertarian Presidential candidates in Arkansas in the last 20 years combined (14,269 for the campaigns of Barr 2008, Badnarick 2004, Browne 2000, Browne 1996 and Marrou 1992 added together)!Johnson / Gray also managed to come in higher than any previous LP Presidential candidate, coming in ahead of the previous record holder, Ed Clark in 1980, by 7,007 votes and 0.46%.

Libertarians in Arkansas voted for Johnson / Gray 11,201 (1.08% ) more  than Bob Barr / Wayne Allyn Root in 2008 , more than tripling the vote total and percentage by those candidates! This major accomplishement was earned in only 4 years of hard work by many libertarians across the state, and is the largest 4-year increase in votes and percentages that the LPAR has ever seen in its history!

Another historic feat is that for the first time, Arkansas is in the top 10 of state Libertarian Party vote percentatages for President in the US. We came in number 10 of 50 states, beating LP Power House states such as Ohio, Texas, Indiana and California!

Nationally, with 97% of precincts reporting, Gary Johnson / Jim Gray with 1,139,562 votes broke the 32-year record of 921,128 by Ed Clark and David Koch in 1980.




16,139! This is how many signatures were just turned into me from our paid petitioners. These have been counted and recounted and that is the final number. We will be turning these into the Secretary of State’s office sometime the week after next to give our volunteers more time to get us closer to the 17,000 mark. Please continue to gather signatures so we can show the State of Arkansas that the Libertarian Party of Arkansas is here and that we are strong! You can get the petition form here and mail them to: Rodger Paxton, 911 Rue Saint Andre, Marion, AR 72364. Please have these postmarked no later than Friday, May 13th. Thank you all for your hard work, and a big thank you goes out to Paul Frankel, Andy Jacobs, Darryl Bonner, Bob Lynch, Eric Dondero and Glen Schwarz for working hard to bring us these signatures in just under 5 weeks! Also, thanks to Scott Kohlhaas, the Chairman of the LP Alaska, for helping us raise funds, and to Bill Redpath, LP Treasurer, for all of his hard work and advice in this process.

LPAR Begins Process to become a Political Party

This is an historic week for the LPAR.

When I became Chairman in June of 2010, I made ballot access my #1 issue. Without it, in my opinion and in the opinion of the State of Arkansas, the LPAR is not a political party. I didn’t take this position to be the Chairman of a supper club or a debate team. I became the Chairman of a political party, the only political party that is consistent in it’s message. And very soon, we will officially be that political party in Arkansas.

As of last night, we have received pledges for $32,967 out of the $33,000 we need to achieve ballot access and become a political party in the eyes of the state of Arkansas.

Also, this week, we will have four petitioners on the ground in Arkansas gathering signatures. Two of them have already started and the other two should be in the state today. We have collected 314 of the estimated 15,000 signatures we will need for this process. There is a status bar on the LPAR homepage (on the left side) that will be updated daily with our totals. Once we have reached 15,000, we will take those signatures to the Secretary of State office in Little Rock, where they will have 30 days to certify them. You can see our press release from yesterday here.

There are many people to thank for this and I will try to not forget anyone here: Scott Kohlhaas, Chairman of the LPAK, for raising the vast majority of our money; the 70o+ people who have contributed money from all 50 states; the LPAR members and Executive Committee; the petitioners who have agreed to come to Arkansas to help us gather signatures (Darryl Bonner, Paul Frankel, Andy Jacobs, Bob Lynch, and soon, Eric Dondero); Bill Redpath for his help and advice through this process; the Arkansas Secretary of State Office (especially Martha Adcock, who has been very patient and helpful with my many questions, even calling me back at 7:00pm last night for some last minute questions); and especially my wife and my boys, who have put up with the many many hours I have spent away from them as I try to coordinate the finance and petition operations of this process. Thank you all.

Rodger Paxton
Chairman, LPAR

LPAR Chair Participates as a Panelist on Liberty Cap Talk Live

Rodger Paxton, Chairman of the LPAR, was a guest panelist on Liberty Cap Talk Live tonight. To listen to the podcast, go to Liberty Cap Talk Live and download the .mp3 file. You can also listen to it on your iPod device by going to iTunes. Other panelists were James Oaksun, Treasurer of the Libertarian National Committee and Jackie Fiest, contributor the the Liberty Conspiracy website and podcast. Thanks to Todd Andrew Barnett for hosting the show and having us all on.

Note: There is some explicit language in this podcast.

The Libertarian Alternative – United States Postal Service

usps-USPostalService“The only security men can have for their political liberty, consists in keeping their money in their own pockets.” – Lysander Spooner

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” – Inscription on the General Post Office in New York City, originally a statement written by Herodotus about 500 B.C. to describe the fidelity with which the work of the Persian mounted postal couriers was done

Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the U.S. Constitution says “[The Congress shall have Power] To establish Post Offices and Post roads.”

So there you go. It’s cut and dry. The Constitution says it so Continue reading

LNC Meeting this weekend

The Libertarian National Committee is meeting this weekend in New Orleans, LA. Mark Hinkle, the LNC Chairman, has proposed the agenda.

If you will notice, there is a 5 minute section for the Affiliate Support Committee report under the Reports of Standing Committee category. Why is this important to us? Because the LPAR has sent a request for money to the ASC. This money is being requested for the LPAR to achieve ballot access in 2012!

The LNC members who will be voting for this can all be found here with contact information. If you have a few minutes, I would request that you send an email to as many of these LNC members are you can to lobby for us to receive this money.

I will keep you posted on this blog when I hear about the response from the LNC on this issue.