Voting Your Conscience


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If you say you believe in the things that Bernie Sanders has said about the current state of our country and you believe that the wars, the corruption, the injustice, and the cronyism that keeps it all running must end, then welcome to your first trial. What are you going to do if Hillary gets the nomination?

You could refuse to vote and guarantee that things will stay the same or get worse over the next four years.

You could write-in Bernie and feel good about it, but in most states that will be the same as not voting.

You could vote for Hillary, which pretty much means you’ve been full of shit for the last several months and probably just supported Bernie because the cool kids did. ORRRRRRR…

You could find a third party candidate that best represents how you really feel. We like to call it voting our conscience. The benefit here is that you will have actually behaved with integrity. You have been true to yourself when it counts.

Once every four years, you have one moment, one chance to say what kind of leader will represent your country to the world. It’s important, and regardless of anything you have said or done to “support” a candidate, that really is the only moment that counts.

– Chip Simons

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