Statement on the Hunter Brittain Case

Earlier today, prosecuting attorney Jeff Phillips announced that he will be moving forward with charging Lonoke County sheriff’s deputy Michael Davis in the shooting death of underage teen Hunter Brittain.

While the Libertarian Party of Arkansas applauds the decision to bring charges against Hunter Brittain’s alleged killer, it is unfortunate that this has become a rare occurrence in our country. There are countless victims like Hunter, killed by an officer who is purportedly employed for his own protection and service, who have been denied the opportunity for justice due to a collusive relationship between our law enforcement and court systems.

Due process is one of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas’ most cherished principles. We do not claim the knowledge or authority to determine guilt or innocence in cases such as this. However, we strongly approve of the decision to settle the case in court, and hope that our legal system will arrive at a just outcome.

The Libertarian Party of Arkansas wishes to express its deepest collective sympathy to the family and friends of Hunter Brittain, and hope that whatever the outcome, this case may provide justice and closure for Hunter and his loved ones.

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