LPAR Press Release: LPAR Supports Open Carry Bill

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LPAR Supports Open Carry Bill

(Little Rock, AR) The Libertarian Party of Arkansas (LPAR) announced their support for “The Defense Carry Restoration Act Regarding the Open Carry of Firearms” bill sponsored by Rep. Denny Altes (R-Fort Smith).

Bill HB1051 allows for citizens of Arkansas to openly carry a gun without a license in public as long as they can legally own a weapon.

“I’m thrilled to see the Arkansas House finally considering giving Arkansans the basic right that is protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and a right that is already enjoyed by fellow Americans in 43 states,” says Rodger Paxton, LPAR Chairman.

“I am saddened and shocked to see that Govenor Beebe does not believe that Arkansans should be able to protect themselves without having to jump through the hurdles and pay the expense of a concealed carry license,” says Paxton. “The Democratic party claims to be the party of the poor, but apparently if you are too poor to pay for a concealed carry license, your life isn’t as precious as the lives of others.”


The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is a state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party. The LPAR has been active since the mid-1970’s and has consistently placed a Libertarian Presidential candidate on the ballot since 1980.

In 2002 the LPAR successfully achieved placing “Axe the Food Tax” on the ballot. The amendment was defeated in the general election but was later adopted by other parties and a proposal to reduce the tax on groceries became law in 2007.

For more information please visit www.lpar.org or find us on facebook.

Jessica Paxton, Media and Communications Director

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