LPAR Federal Campaign Fund

The Libertarian campaign rally on August 28 in Little Rock was a great success – an example of Libertarians coming together to promote our candidates and our platform.  The rally was made possible by the efforts of dedicated volunteers (to whom we owe our gratitude), and it also required funding.  The Libertarian Party of Arkansas is proud to have co-sponsored the event along with the Ricky Dale Harrington campaign and the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign.

We would like to do more.  When we help sponsor this type of event, federal election laws require us to use funding specifically allocated to promoting federal candidates for election.  That’s why I’m asking you to donate to the LPAR Federal Campaign Fund.  Every contribution to this fund will be used to promote our candidates.

This is our year.  We have strong candidates backed up by exceptional organizations.  Please help us support their efforts.

Michael Pakko,
Chair, Libertarian Party of Arkansas



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