Libertarians on the Ballot Issues

Arkansas voters will decide on four ballot issues in this election.  As a service to the voters, the Platform Committee of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas has drafted a set of Libertarian positions on the proposals.

These statements do not represent official positions of the LPAR, but present the issues from a Libertarian perspective, as evaluated by some of our party’s opinion leaders.

ISSUE 1:  A constitutional amendment to allow the General Assembly to convene in extraordinary session

Generally speaking, every ballot issue in Arkansas initiated by the legislature is a bad idea and deserving of a no vote until proven otherwise… Read More

ISSUE 2:  Constitutional Amendment and Ballot Initiative Reform Amendment

Governments at all levels attempting to attain more power and control over their constituency is not a new idea; in fact, it is always the path governments gravitate toward if left unchecked… Read More

ISSUE 3:  Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment

As has become a time-honored tradition in American legislatures, … the Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment … accomplishes little in the way of its stated objective… Read More

ISSUE 4:  Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment

As one of the flagship issues of the Libertarian Party since its inception … one may expect the legalization of recreational cannabis to be a unifying issue for Libertarians. However, Issue 4 has been bitterly divisive among those in the Libertarian and pro-cannabis legalization communities… Read More

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