Linnea Gabbard
At-Large Representative

Linnea Gabbard

A nomad who has found her place in various states, Linnea now resides in her permanent homestead in Faulkner County. With a feverish passion for activism, she has spent many years on many projects determining how best to use her efforts toward the fight for liberty. Upon finding the Libertarian Party of Arkansas in 2019, she has been able to supply energy and aid toward party members and goals. She enjoys helping people where they fit into the LPAR, brainstorming improvements, and populating the liberty movement in any way possible.

When not working on liberty projects, Linnea works full time in the high stress environment of veterinary, where she finds her purpose in both helping and enriching animal/human communication. As a second career, she is a published artist of many mediums and styles.

She enjoys relaxing with her own pets and loved ones, reading, traveling, shooting, motorcycling, playing music, acting, mountain climbing, and overall enjoying life.

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