How can you help the LPAR get on the ballot?

The LPAR needs your help in getting on the ballot! There are three ways you can help.

  1. Print the ballot petition form and spend one hour at your local post office or college or busy business district gathering signatures. Remember, every signature you collect saves the LPAR $1.50 plus expenses! For every 1000 signatures collected by volunteers, the LPAR saves about $2000.00! Once you have collected all of your signatures, it is very important  that you mail the signatures to me as soon as you finish. Mail them to: Libertarian Party of Arkansas, C/O Rodger Paxton, 911 Rue Saint Andre, Marion, AR 72364. We only have 90 days to collect signatures, so please make sure they sent very quickly!
  2. Give a donation to the LPAR for ballot access and continuing expenses. You can also help the LPAR budget more effectively by giving a monthly recurring donation!
  3. If you have ever considered or are currently considering running for political office in Arkansas, now is your chance to do it and stay true to your libertarian principles! You can run for any office you like, from Sheriff to U.S. Senator. As long as you are a member of the LP and the LPAR and you agree and support the non-aggression principle of libertarianism, we want you to run as a candidate under the Libertarian Party banner. Email us at to let us know of your intent and we will get back to you quickly.

Thank you for all of your support for the LPAR.

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