Candidate Mark West: Seven Libertarian Steps to Gun Control

Congress has been looking at four pieces of legislation aimed at gun control in an attempt to symbolically “do something” after the tragedy in Orlando last weekend. So much fact, fiction, and conspiracy surround gun control talks that the American people don’t get a clear picture of everything involved.

Let’s take a moment at look at the gun control issue from a more libertarian perspective with these steps to pulling off gun control in America.

  1. Define “assault weapon”

I don’t think President Obama, or anyone else using this word, really has any clue what it means. Every time I hear a politician say “assault weapon” I want to hear a definition as well. If by “assault weapon” we are referring to fully automatic weapons, guess what, they’re already banned and illegal. Mass killings using fully automatic weapons wouldn’t happen if criminals obeyed gun laws.

If politicians want to expand this to semi-automatic weapons then most of the modern guns in America would be illegal, including most hand guns. However, if the pols are just after the scary-looking, military-style weapons then it just further exhibits the absolute idiocy of the argument.

Is it about the “power” of the weapon? Who knows because no clarity exists on a national definition of what is considered to be an “assault weapon”. The vernacular is now being changed to “military-style” which again seems to imply that they are concerned about a symbolic gesture dealing with scary-looking guns.

  1. Fix the tools we already have in place

The Orlando shooter (I’ll never say or type his name) was investigated by the F.B.I. on more than one occasion. If suspicion existed, couldn’t we use the court system, due process, and technology to find some means of flagging the guy? If he decides to build his arsenal the Feds would be alerted and could begin a tighter surveillance and possibly event prevent what happened at Pulse.

In using a flagging system, with due process and redress, we can maintain gun ownership rights while at the same time gaining a better tool to stop future events of this type.

  1. Fix the “No Fly List” loophole

Most of us have heard the mass media talking point that surrounds the alleged “Gun Show Loophole” but few of us have heard of the loophole involved in restricting Constitutional rights by virtue of being on the “No Fly List”.

What’s the loophole? It is the complete lack of transparency, due process, and redress. This loophole must be closed before Congress should ever consider taking gun ownership rights away from anyone.

A person can be put on the list without their knowledge, without having committed a crime and without the opportunity to redress the issue. We can do better than that in America!

  1. Close the black market

All legislative attempts at gun control will fail so long as a black market exists for these products. One of the biggest contributors to this black market excess of automatic weapons is the U.S. Government. Whether it’s arming allies in the Middle East or operations closer to home like Fast and Furious, our Government is arming our enemies with better weaponry than it legally allows its’ citizens to own.

Let that marinate for a while.

  1. Promote culture of life

If we really value human life then we need to encourage life from the womb to the tomb. Be an advocate for life at all stages. Put your money and your time where your mouth is. Encourage people to care about people again.

Engage the sociological and psychological communities to find out what crazy, hateful, evil, people have in common that attempt mass killings. Learn to care enough about those you love to notice warning signs and get them the help they need.

We have to acknowledge that unstable people do unstable things so we can’t blame stable, law-abiding people for the hate and evil in society. We must promote love and compassion in everything we do. Be the change you want to see.

  1. End “Gun Free Zone” fallacy

How many more lives must be lost in “Gun Free Zones” before we realize just how deadly and dangerous this idea is? If a business or organization or government entity is going to make a place a “Gun-Free Zone” then it should be liable for securing the premises in such a way that peoples’ lives aren’t at risk when visiting that establishment.

If any such group is unwilling to assume that responsibility, then they shouldn’t be allowed to declare themselves “Gun Free” and prevent patrons from securing their own self-defense. If you are going to restrict someone’s right of self-defense then you had better certainly make sure they are safe on your premises when you do so.

  1. Understand and fight the real enemy

In every war, we must be fighting the right enemy. Guns are not the enemy. Law-abiding gun-owners aren’t the enemy. Ideas that involve hate and evil are! Those ideas gain credibility and recruitment as our Government drops more bombs and gets more involved in wars of intervention around the globe. Our interventionist policies are creating hate and giving cause to those who already hate.

Sometimes war is necessary, but the wars we are fighting in the Middle East right now don’t fit the bill and must be abandoned. Drones, guns, and soldiers don’t kill evil ideas.

We kill evil ideas when we demonstrate good ideas that promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals.

– Mark West

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Mark West is the Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, District 1
Clear Difference, Clear Direction, Clear Decision…Vote Mark West 2016


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