Candidate Mark West on the Supreme Court’s Rejection of Issue 7

To: All media concerning the Supreme Court’s rejection of Issue 7 on Arkansas ballots.

When influential and wealthy people are able to use the courts to overturn the people’s access to the ballot then democracy in Arkansas is in danger.

Whatever side of the cannabis legalization issue you are on, the troubling fact is that Issue #7 had enough support from the people to make the ballot.

The people should be allowed to voice their Yes or No vote. You should have been allowed to vote yes or no on Issue #7.

Your voice on this matter has been stolen…just like it was on Term Limits initiative earlier this summer.

The wealthy and influential decide WHAT you get to voice your opinion on.

Our democratic processes are irreparably harmed when the citizens of Arkansas lose their voice on such an important issue that is vital to the health care of so many especially when that voice was stolen by special interests.

In our great State and Nation it is immoral for politicians, courts, special interests, and lobbyists to stand between the patient and a potential cure.

Restricting ballot access is not the way of democratic republics, but rather the means by which tyrants take and keep power.

Third party candidates are exhaustingly familiar with this process and the strenuous war waged by those in power to make sure that ALL of the people are limited to the choices that are approved by the powerful.

Make your voice heard. Vote for candidates that aren’t part of the power structure and aren’t bought and paid for by special interests and lobbyists. Contact the Supreme Court, Secretary of State Mark Martin and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge about this defiant disenfranchisement of the citizens of Arkansas. Protest and picket but do not let your voice fall silent.

Let’s challenge the court to have the emergency hearing and re-instate the ballot status and the voice of the people on Issue #7.

# # #

Mark West is the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. House District 1 in the 2016 general election.

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