Being a Libertarian LEO

Almost seems impossible doesn’t it? Here I am, though, serving as a Constable. Tasked with upholding the law and keeping the peace. Many of those same laws that I completely disagree with. So how do I strike a balance between my core beliefs and doing my job? That’s something I’ve asked myself since I started the process of running for office. How does a Libertarian, and ever growing An-Cap, serve in a position of power that is tasked with upholding some of the very laws that contradict my ideology? Fortunately for me here in Arkansas we are not forced to even do our jobs as Constables. While this is a double edged sword we will focus on the good aspects of that. The bad aspect being that if someone can run, take the office and do nothing then why do we even need the position? The good aspect is that it gives Constables a bit more control over what they do. Since we are generally unpaid and we have to work hard just to be certified and have all the proper equipment, which comes out of our own pockets, we can decide when and how we apply ourselves to the task. While some actively go out and patrol, make traffic stops and perform what we would consider ‘normal’ police duties others do it differently. Myself, I’ve come to the understanding that if I focus my efforts in a different direction I can make a difference with the position and hold true to my beliefs.

Lets get this straight. We are now just over 3 months into my term and I have written 0 tickets. Warning or otherwise. I have pulled over 0 cars. I have, however, shown my presence in society by just being visible. You’d be amazed at how ‘reasonable’ people tend to drive when they see a LEO sitting in a parking lot watching traffic. I’ve offered my services to check on my residents houses if they are away from home for several days. Why not? They’re my constituents. I am a public servant. My plan is to avoid writing any tickets at all. I do, however, have a warning ticket book. If I pull you over chances are you’ll receive one if just to confirm that I did speak with you about something that day. I plan on being visible as this in itself is a deterrent to crime. I’m talking about real crime that involves victims.

Many have asked me why I decided to run for Constable. Why do something you’re not getting paid for? There’s some reasoning behind it. First, I want to help my party grow. I can do that by running for office and getting elected. I can also do that by SHOWING people what a Libertarian is while in office and I hope I am doing that as well. Secondly, I wanted to be able to do something to help my community. We have all seen the videos of police brutality and ruthless murders. I cringe at being called a pig or a cop…or the ‘po po’. It is what it is though. I’m none of those. I am a public servant first and foremost. I’m a Libertarian. I’m here to ACTUALLY help. I’m not afraid to help you change a tire on the side of the road. I’m not afraid to help you look for your lost dog. I’m not afraid of defending you against someone out to do harm. I am also not afraid to defend you from your own government. As a Constable, or any other elected official, you take the same oath that many speak of. The oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the state of Arkansas. Now, mind you, I have taken this oath before in the US Army. I know what it is and what it means. It means a lot to me. I am tasked in defending, above all, your rights and freedom. Defending them from anyone who threatens them. I take that oath seriously.

With all of this I hope I have given you an idea of who I am and what I am about. I want you to know that not all LEO are the same. I also want you to know that if you want change in this world….you have to be that change. One thing my wife told me before I started this journey, after talking about what I wanted to do, was “Be something you hate…then change it”. That has stuck with me. I, like you, hate politicians. Their lies, their schemes and only caring for themselves and their party. I, above all, care about freedom. The Libertarian Party is my vehicle. It allows me to spread that message as it has the same beliefs as I do. If the day ever comes that it doesn’t I will drop the party without hesitation. I decided to do something, become a ‘politician’ (ugh…such a negative word) and try to make change in at least my own community.

I would be pleased to take comments or questions on anything. You can reach me at

Jacob Faught
Elected Libertarian
Constable, Benton County Township 5

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