Zach Mulson – Sebastian County JP, Dist. 11


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About Zach Mulson

Hello, my name is Zach Mulson. I am running for Justice of the Peace District 11 in Sebastian County. District 11 starts downtown on the court side of Garrison and runs down to South Albert Pike. Here is a map of District 11:
I would be humbled to represent and serve the people of Sebastian County. I have lived in District 11 from birth to present and have seen Fort Smith change over the years. My platform planks are as follows:
  1. Advocate for Financial Transparency - Have you seen our County budgets? They are included on the Quorum Court meeting packets via the Sebastian County Quorum Court website ( These budgets can be hard to read and makes it difficult to understand where county funds are going. We should make our budget sheets easier to read. Each individual in the county should be able to ascertain where all county funds were spent.
  2. Fight for Criminal Justice Reform - I oppose the building of all new county jails and prisons. Instead, we can work towards fixing the jails we have and reducing the incarceration rate. A few ideas could potentially help reduce the incarceration rate. Many inmates in Sebastian County are incarcerated for “failure to appear” and “failure to pay”. Allowing non-profits like The Bail Project ( and others to work directly with inmates on their inability to pay, and lowering court fees will help with “failure to pay.” Setting up a text message reminder system to help individuals show up to court on time will reduce “failure to appear” instances.
  3. Need for More Public Participation - We should Facebook Live all Quorum Court meetings, and keep a record of all recordings online for the public to view. Less than half of voters participated in County elections in 2018. Only 14% of voters showed in Fort Smith for our last election cycle.
  4. Stop Special Interests - I will not accept special interests that will try to sway legislation. I will stand up against crony capitalism.
  5. Support Constitutional Sanctuary Amendments - The United States should be a sanctuary for all constitutional rights.
  6. Practice Fiscal Restraint - I will not vote without a full disclosure of how all county funds will be spent. I will oppose all new county fees and taxes. I will actively work to reduce court fees.
I hope that we can make progress in making Sebastian County a freer and more prosperous place with less people incarcerated. Those we help in the criminal justice system will be able to rejoin their families and begin rebuilding their lives. Please, help me in this fight against the current system. We are the change. That is why I am running. Join me.
In Peace,
Zach Mulson