Help keep the Libertarian Party on the Arkansas ballot in 2020!

Once again, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas will have to collect petition signatures to become a “new” political party in 2020. The state’s election laws put obstacles in our way, but we are committed to growing the party’s influence as a clear voice of Liberty in Arkansas politics. And we can only do that if we’re able to put our candidates on the ballot.

We face a challenging task: We must gather valid signatures of 10,000 registered voters within a 90-day period during 2019. We’ll need volunteer support to collect signatures, but we’ll also need financing for expenses and to hire professional canvassers. Due to recent budget constraints, the national LP cannot promise us the financial support that we need to get it done — we have to do it ourselves.
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A generous donor has offered up to $5,000 in matching funds for every donation we receive by the end of February.

GOAL ACHIEVED – Let’s raise another $5,000!

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