OfficeCandidate NameVotes%Result
GovernorMark West25,8852.90not elected
Lieutenant GovernorFrank Gilbert24,7672.79not elected
Attorney GeneralKerry Hicks24,6522.77not elected
Secretary of StateChristopher Olson25,3202.86not elected
State TreasurerAshley Ewald250,94329.11not elected
Auditor of StateDavid E. Dinwiddie237,60227.65not elected
Commissioner of State LandsT.J. Campbell29,1233.30not elected
U.S. Congress District 1Elvis Presley4,5812.28not elected
U.S. Congress District 2Joe Ryne Swafford5,1932.05not elected
U.S. Congress District 3Michael J. Kalagias5,8992.57not elected
U.S. Congress District 4Tom Canada3,9521.93not elected
State Senate District 5Lee Evans8873.28not elected
State Senate District 8William Whitfield Hyman5,69823.68not elected
State Senate District 10Bobbi Hicks7,98937.59not elected
State Senate District 17Kevin Vornheder5,32120.10not elected
State Representative District 15Wayne Willems1,40015.07not elected
State Representative District 17Gregory Maxwell58511.30not elected
State Representative District 30Mitchell Fenton1,30913.65not elected
State Representative District 35Bill Barger2952.17not elected
State Representative District 46Drew Tanner1,55418.17not elected
State Representative District 67Sandra Richter2,29921.17not elected
State Representative District 77Stephen Edwards2733.42not elected
State Representative District 80Casey Copeland9729.70not elected
Benton County JudgeRonnie Smith19,83826.43not elected
Benton County JP Dist. 3Trina Wilson1,52132.53not elected
Benton County JP Dist. 7Joseph Bollinger4937.56not elected
Benton County JP Dist. 8Jeff Wadlin1904.76not elected
Benton County JP Dist. 9Cody Martin1,76827.57not elected
Benton County JP Dist. 12Jacob Faught77321.11not elected
Jefferson County JP Dist 1James Michael Hood1329.73not elected
Craighead County ConstableChris Lutterloh82729.25not elected
Pulaski County ConstableMark G. Phillips22,55244.32not elected
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