Wayne Willems – State House, District 15


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About Wayne Willems

I am a father, grandfather and have been self-employed for years. Over this timeframe I started noticing something was very wrong with the government at home and at the federal level, so I began researching and studying history, economics and law.

I typically never intended on being part of the government but after being hopeful many times over the years during election time. I found We The People continued to elect not so genuine people to our government. This is very disheartening and discourage to me and all of us!

This will be the 4th time I have run against a Republican incumbent in my district. Though he is a nice man, I really don't feel he has represented our District or our state well. We need a representative that will fight for our natural rights and property. Someone to stand strong and say NO More to big government ideology. I am that man and need your vote November 2020!