Lee Evans – Crawford County JP, District 1


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About Lee Evans

My plan for Crawford County is simple, decrease taxes, increase freedom.

I love this area and everything about it but there are few things we could do to improve it—

#1 County Animal Control Funded by a Voluntary Tax

It is evident that we have a problem with animals running loose out here. We need a way to deal with this that is voluntary and that wont penalize people for no reason. Mainly, we just need a way to pool our resources so we have a place to house these animals. This would be better for the citizens of Crawford County and the animals themselves. I would love to hear from the citizens of Crawford County about how they feel about this and how they would like it implemented

#2 Second Amendment Sanctuary

With every year there is more talk about regulating firearms in a way that goes against the Constitution. Im against this. Period. The only type of regulation Im for is preventing violent felons from owning firearms, but even that shouldn’t be permanent as long as they are willing to be rehabilitated. If we make Crawford County a second amendment sanctuary, then it will be written into County Law that County employees could be fired or fined if they enforce gun restrictions that the county deems unconstitutional. We need this protection in place to ensure that our rights are not violated and that every citizen is ensured the rights enshrined in our Second Amendment (and really the entire Bill of Rights). Its not perfect, but it’s something. And something is better than nothing.

#3 Cut Funding to Things That Dont Make Sense

Our largest expenditure is the county jail. There has to be a way to bring down the cost. I pledge to work with the Sheriff and the Quorum Court to find a way to bring the cost down in a safe and effective manner.

Is there anything else that needs my attention?

Please comment here or private message me and we can talk about it

Thanks for listening!