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About Ronnie Smith

My name is Ronnie Smith, and I'm running as a Libertarian to be your next County Judge.

When Barry Moehring was running for Benton County Judge two years ago he promised conservative responsible leadership.He promised to plan and do a better job with county roads. He promised to build a new courthouse without raising taxes or debt. On all counts he has failed.

Under his leadership, the county has gone into debt. New voting machines were needed, and could have been purchased for a half a million dollars. Money the county already had in the bank. Instead he purchased machines costing 5 times as much. Two and a half million dollars the county had to borrow and put taxpayers on the hook – with interest. Spending increases on new toys for the sheriff's department has also gone unchecked, even when the books didn't balance. This is NOT responsible nor conservative leadership.

Roads have been neglected. This year alone one million dollars budgeted for road improvements was instead transferred to be spent elsewhere. Money that was needed to repair existing roads and pave others. There's been a lot of planning, but not a lot of doing.

Now he is proposing adding an additional $16MILLION in debt AND increasing our taxes to pay for an extravagent new $35Million (and climbing, plus interest) courthouse that is much larger and more expensive than anything we might need for the next century. We could build a fantastic courts building that would meet our needs for the forseeable future for half that cost or less, and not burden the taxpayers with increased debt and taxes.

Changes need to be made. Some have already been made. The next county judge will serve a 4 year term, not two. We can not allow such irresponsible spending and poor leadership to last another 4 years. That's why I am running for County Judge.

I've been a resident of Benton County my whole life. My only absence was during my time serving this country in the United States Marine Corps. My family has been here for 7 generations. I am fully vested and committed to this county. 

I helped build some of these roads. I'm on the board of directors for a public utility. I know how to budget and spend wisely. I know how to plan for growth. I know how to serve my community. I have the experience to do this job, and do it right. It is time to bring honest, ethical, accessible government to the people of Benton County. That's why I'm asking you to vote for me, Ronnie Smith, this November. We need a county judge we can trust and believe in.