Michael J. Kalagias – U.S. Congress District 3


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About Michael Kalagias

The approval rating for Congress is a pitiful 10%. There is good reason for this. The national debt is at $21 Trillion and climbing. Lobbyists and special interests are running the show to the detriment of the American people. It hasn't mattered whether Democrats or Republicans have been in charge; the result has been the same bad government. We need to drain the swamp. We need hope and change we can believe in. We need to #VoteDifferent. Vote Libertarian for change.

Michael Kalagias is a veteran of the US Navy and deployed to the Persian Gulf twice. He has over 20 years of experience working in public schools, including time as a certified classroom teacher and school security. He is on the board of directors for a public utility. He serves his community as a volunteer firefighter and is active as a volunteer for multiple charity organizations. Michael understands that elected officials are servants not rulers and should act accordingly. Michael Kalagias is the only candidate in this race that will bring responsible limited government to Washington DC while protecting individual liberties the country is supposed to stand for.

Michael's stand on the issues:

  • "The number one issue facing us today is out of control spending and national debt. I will not vote for ANY spending increase nor will I vote for ANY bill that adds to the national debt. I will not vote vote for any tax increase either. The budget must be balanced now and you have to cut spending to do that. The interest alone on our debt consumes almost 10% of the discretionary budget. In 20 years, that will increase to over 50%. Other issues will become irrelevant. There wont be much money to spend on education, defense, or infrastructure - it will all be going just to service the debt." 
  • "I am firmly pro-life. At conception a human being is created. A person with specific DNA unique to that individual. An individual entitled to the same protections and rights as any other."
  • "I fully support the rights of the people to keep and bear arms without infringements. The 2nd amendment is just as important as the 1st amendment; as important as all the rights outlined in our Constitution. When I say I support the civil rights of the people I mean all of the rights for all of the people. Civil asset forfeiture and domestic surveillance violates the 4th amendment and needs to stop. Businesses and individuals should not be forced to participate in functions and policies contrary to their 1st amendment rights. The Bill of Rights needs to be respected."
  • "The military should never be used as an implement of foreign policy. The job of the military is to defend this country, not be the world's policemen. We should not be engaging in other nations' civil wars. We should not be providing defense for other countries or fighting their proxy wars."