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About Mark West

Mark West has served in ministry and worked diligently in business and banking for the last 15 years as a bi-vocational pastor. Currently, he serves as pastor at White River Baptist Church in Oil Trough and has spent the last decade as the Corporate Office Manager for Mechanical Construction Services, Inc. in Newark where he deals daily with payroll, accounts receivable, government reporting/licensing/taxation, job cost tracking and personnel.
Mr. West knows first-hand just how difficult it is for small businesses to get ahead with the over-regulation by governments that is designed to corner the markets for giant corporations. His experience also allows him to understand the importance of finishing work on time and under budget.
The product of West Memphis High School earned his Bachelors from Arkansas State University in 1999. While at A-State he met and married his amazing wife Kristy, who has been by his side for 20 years and they have three children: Matthew (16), Caleb (13), and Micaiah (11). He also met his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just a few months before he graduated.
Mark was raised in a blue-collar family. His dad worked for decades for an aggregate plant in Lehigh, Arkansas before it closed down forcing him back into the job market. His mom held several secretarial jobs along the way. Mr. West would tell you that he learned his work ethic from his father who still works two jobs to provide for his family.
Growing up in West Memphis gave Mark a unique perspective in the socio-economic factors that impact a lot of urban areas leading to crime and poverty problems across the State. Having spent the last 15 years living in Batesville has allowed him to experience the perspective or rural living as well and the fears and expectations that come with that lifestyle.
Mr. West, like many Arkansans, has spent his entire life in and loves this State. He believes that our government should be small, efficient, and work for the people not special interests and corporate giants. He believes that what is best for hard-working Arkansans should come first.
In Arkansas, the power of government belongs to the people. It says so in the Arkansas Constitution. When you elect Mark West in 2018, he will fight vigorously to wrestle government control away from the elite political class that is owned by the corporate giants, influenced by the swamp in DC, and follows the call of special interests and will put that control back in your hands where it belongs.
Arkansas deserves a Governor who will put Arkansas first and his political career last. Who belongs to the people, not to the powers that be. Who will be a champion for the working class and an adversary to the political class.
Arkansans will find that candidate in Mark West and he asks for your support for Governor in 2018.