Joseph Bollinger – Benton County JP District 7


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About Joseph Bollinger

Joseph Bollinger, a Benton County resident for 31 years, has lived in the County’s Seventh District for the last 3 years. Bollinger is running for Justice of the Peace because he believes that local government spending is rampant and that Benton County residents deserve more accountability, less waste of tax payer dollars and that there is a free market solution to many of the government's problems. He goes on to say “Every year our taxes and government continues to grow uncontrollably. I believe that government works best when it is small and allows people to live their own lives and make their own choices on what is best for them and their families.” Bollinger believes he is the best candidate to make these changes.

Bollinger is running as a Libertarian because he believes that Benton County residents need a candidate that will work to protect their individual liberties. He was nominated as the Libertarian candidate for Benton County District 7 in Little Rock at the state convention on February 25th.