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US Congress, District 3

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My name is Grant Brand. I am a candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat. I spent my elementary years in Springdale, Arkansas, and now live just outside of Pea Ridge. Here in Pea Ridge, I try to provide a decent home for my mom and two daughters to live, learn, and grow. I work at a local, non-profit food bank, where I help my local community battle one of its most devastating hardships.

Seeing, first hand, the struggles that citizens are facing, and how government is hurting rather than helping, I have decided to do what I can to bring our society back to a place where we can prosper instead of continuing to decline. With government ever eroding and restricting our rights, making it harder and more expensive just to get by, the Libertarian Party shines as a beacon of hope, helping to guide us back to the constitutional principles that allowed our ancestors to make this country great. When I was invited to represent the Libertarian Party, as a Congressional candidate, not only was I deeply honored and enthused, but I was also excited that the party was providing me the opportunity- as Mahatma Gandhi has said- to “be the change [I] want to see in the world.”

Now, having won the nomination at the Libertarian Party's state convention, I intend to campaign, and if elected, go to Washington bearing the following principles as my core guidance:

The government should adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The government should adhere to the non-aggression principle. The non-aggression principle states that no person or group of people have a right to initiate force against another person or group of people. I believe our government of all levels should adhere to this principle both in domestic affairs, as well as foreign policy.

The government should not be intrusive in your life. I will exemplify that by not pestering you about my campaign; I will oppose intrusive legislation in Washington; and I will propose and support legislation that brings our money back home, and our country back to our Constitutional roots.

The government has no right to the fruit of your labor. I will exemplify that by not asking for your money for my campaign; I will oppose legislation that expands the national deficit; and I will propose and support legislation that that brings us back to our Constitutional roots.

The government should serve the people. I will exemplify that by holding food drives and other charity work as campaign events; I will oppose restrictive, unconstitutional, and meddlesome legislation; and propose and support legislation that increases Liberty and the ability of the citizenry to pursue free, happy and productive lives.

The government should be accessible to all people. I will exemplify that by not having a campaign director, and being directly available to the people, outside of my regular work hours. I will oppose interference with the public's interaction with government, and I will continue to make myself available while working for you in Washington.

With your help, I will go to Washington and be the change so many of us want to see!



Benton County Tea Party Meeting 7:30 pm

Benton County Cooperative Extension 1204 SW 14th St. Bentonville, Ar 72712

Benton County Libertarian Party Meeting Friday, 6pm

Best Western Plus Castlerock Inne & Suites 501 SE Walton Blvd. Bentonville, AR 72712

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