Elvis D. Presley

State Land Commissioner

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Married from Star City, AR. I am currently working full-time at Camp's Custom Paint in Star City, AR where I assume the position of Auto Refinish technician. I am a high school grad of Star City High School. I am also a graduate of Pines Vo-tech where I received training in the automotive field. I have also attended UALR, Arkansas College of technology. I am seeking to become a candidate for the Libertarian Party. I am also involved in the music business in Nashville I don't believe in trickle-down economics. I do believe that we all should carry our own weight and help those that can't. We need to work on a scale back of our local, state and federal level of government. We also need to utilize our monetary fund. Make it more efficient for the people of Arkansas. We need to tap our renewable sources in Arkansas to divert the rising fuel cost.


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