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My husband of 25 years and I were born and raised in Hot Springs; and along with our two children we have lived in North Little Rock for the past 13 years. After graduation from UALR, I worked in the private sector as a graphic artist for 4 years until the birth of our first child; then I began my home business, dooDLStudio, and stayed home to raise our children.

I was raised with self-sufficient-minded parents, and have always had strong libertarian leanings. I became involved in the National LP in 2010 to volunteer my time as a graphic artist, then began volunteering with the LPAR in early 2011. Since then I have helped to found the Pulaski County Libertarian Party, and have chaired that group for 2 1/2 years. I ran for State Representative District 38 in 2012 on the Libertarian ticket and continue to volunteer my time with the LPAR in various committees and as a graphic artist.


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